Public Sector Translations

Public Sector Translations

Translation Services for the Public Sector

In our increasingly multi-cultural society, the ability to translate public sector documents accurately is crucial. It’s estimated that the British government alone spends more than £100 million every year on translation services to ensure that all its citizens have access to the information that they need.

We work with many central and regional government departments, translating a wealth of public information documents. In the UK public sector, for instance, demand for south Asian, eastern European and African translation services is particularly high and we have specialist translators in all these areas, as well as European and Far Eastern languages.

Working for more than 30 years within framework agreements, we supply written documentation that allows government departments and non-departmental government bodies to operate in the nation’s interest. We translate:

Educational reports

Adoption and child protection policies – including correspondence, applications and on-line resources

Department for Education

Student Loans Company

Intercountry Adoption Agency


Public Sector Translations

Public Sector Case Study

We were asked at very short notice to work with a number of central government departments and non-departmental government bodies to provide translation for numerous letters, leaflets and web text in several languages.




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