Translation Services for Voiceovers

Not all translation requirements are paper-based. For years, we have worked with clients to provide outstanding audio-visual translation services. Our professional studios are kitted out with the latest recording technology and are designed to ensure the highest standards in voiceover services.

Our engineers each have an average of 20 years’ experience in studio production and are experts in casting, directing and script editing. Every recording session is set up with the client’s needs in mind, and this, combined with our engineers’ expertise, means we can minimise the need for post-production engineering. We also specialise in multilingual voiceovers for all forms of media, including corporate productions, e-learning materials, animation and talking books.

We work with an extensive, global network of professional voice artists, allowing us to create exactly the right tone for your project. And we use ISDN Codec technology to connect our studios with other studios and broadcasting suites around the world, all without compromising on sound quality. We also offer a service called Phone Patch, which allows you to manage, direct and control a voice session remotely – handy if you cannot be at a recording in person, but still want to maintain complete control over your production.

Translation Services for the Engineering and Construction Industry

Engineering and Construction Translations

APT has worked with the engineering and construction industry for more than 30 years. For one of our largest clients we have translated more than 10 million words into 40 language combinations




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